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Principal Donna Kay has over 25 years of proven experience in real estate acquisition, sales and negotiation, and has lived and conducted business in the Seattle Metro area since 1991 as a Windermere agent.


In 2005 she sensed that the market was changing and started her own brokerage with a property management division. This quickly grew as listings flew off of the sales market into the rental market while the housing market was crumbling. Through fast track experience in residential and multi family management she realized that systemization is key, leading her to a tight management system. Fee Simple is built around those systems  while continually striving for improvement. 

(dba) Fee Simple RE Management LLC has recently made the decision to open services to the RE Mentor community. Our team is at the ready to build our satellite offices in your areas of investment.

Donna's mission is to create real relationships founded on trust. Her emphasis is on collaboration, listening, and building strong bonds. Her satisfaction comes by working in an environment of like minded individuals, who see beyond themselves  to bettering their communities. 

Donna has a BA in Sustainable Business,  is an artist, breast cancer survivor, mother of three, and founding member of Seattle Roller Derby. She's lived in the Seattle area for forty years, and has recently moved to the gorgeous Lake Chelan area of Washington State.

She is also a principal / managing member of Leto Investments LLC, along with partner Jessica Lowing, who happens to be her daughter. If you've met Donna you will know that she brags about Jessica at every opportunity. Leto Investments llc handles multi family acquisitions, referrals and asset planning.

You may reach out via email, text or phone to discuss your project, and / or you may also complete this form to get more information.